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Welcome to Aimsun Next 22

  • New Features: This topic summarizes the key developments in Aimsun Next 22 and their application to your modeling work.

  • User Manual: The Aimsun Next reference manual.

  • Release notes: This topic summarizes the key changes in subsequent patches for version 22 of Aimsun Next.


Tutorials cover a set of different subjects to help you become familiar with modeling in Aimsun Next:

User Manual

The main body of the user manual contains reference materials and theoretical explanations about Aimsun Next's features and uses. Please use the Search facility and Index to find information, as well as the main table of contents.

The manual is written in US English, in keeping with the software's UI and Aimsun's website. If you are more familiar with UK English, keep in mind that the manual refers to 'public transport' as 'transit' and 'Give Way' becomes 'Yield'.

Note: File extensions (such as .txt, .doc, .ang, etc.) are written as TXT, DOC, ANG, etc. in body text, except when part of complete filenames (e.g. model.ang), coding examples, and examples of functions.