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Aimsun Next software

Aimsun Next is a multi-resolution modeling platform that simulates mobility in networks of all sizes, from a single intersection to an entire region. Modeling traffic, cyclists, pedestrians and public transport in one package, Aimsun Next is the perfect all-in-one tool for everything from planning to operations and evaluation of ITS and autonomous vehicles.

combining different levels of modeling

In this section are also described the following topics:

  • Installing Aimsun Next: Finding step-by-step guidelines to install the Aimsun Next software.

  • What´s new?: Getting familiar with the new features available.

  • Licensing: Useful instructions to manage the various types of Aimsun Next licenses.

  • Glossary: Find information for which languages is Aimsun Next interface available and the units used.

  • Privacy Statement: Read carefully when and why sometimes the software sends your data to us, and reads data from the Internet, for various practical purposes.