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The Aimsun Next user manual is written in US English, in keeping with the software's UI and Aimsun's website. If you are more familiar with UK English, keep in mind that the manual refers to 'public transport' as 'transit' and 'Give Way' becomes 'Yield'.

Aimsun Next interface is available in several languages in addition to English. Here you can find a glossary per language, to find the corresponding English term. You can use it also as an index, as every English term is referencing its corresponding definition.

Note on Units

Within this documentation, units for lengths, speeds, accelerations, etc. are expressed in metric form. Where the user has specified network units as being English (sometimes called Imperial), inputs to and outputs from the simulator will be in this form, unless explicitly stated otherwise (for example, environmental model parameters are only expressed in metric units). Internally, calculations are always made in metric units, though this will remain opaque to the user.

Metric English
kilometers miles
meters feet
m/s ft/s
m/s^2^ ft/s^2^
km/h mph

File extensions

Note that file extensions (such as .txt, .doc, .ang, etc.) are written as TXT, DOC, ANG, etc. in body text, except when part of complete filenames (e.g. model.ang), coding examples, and examples of functions.