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This set of tutorials and exercises will help you to become familiar with Aimsun Next software and the fundamentals of building and simulating a model. When you start Aimsun, they are always available from the Tutorials tab, which you will find to the right of the Projects and Aimsun News tabs.

The tutorials cover the following topic areas.

To start a tutorial:

  1. Select a Tutorial topic from the drop-down list. The screenshot below shows 'Managing Traffic' as the choice.

  2. Click Documentation to open the online Help file at the appropriate topic where you will find all the related exercises to complete.

  3. Return to Aimsun Next and click Initial Network to open a new Aimsun model in which to carry out the tutorial's exercises.

  4. Choose a folder where you want to store your project. This will create the project folder structure and open the .ANG file (the Aimsun Next main project file) automatically. The initial network model will open in and your work will be saved to your chosen folder.

  5. If you want to skip the exercise(s) but view the final expected results and completed model, click Finished Network and open the finished network model.