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Importers and Exporters

Aimsun Next includes the following importers and exporters:

Network Backgrounds

  • CAD
    • Vector formats: CAD files in DXF, DWG, DGN
  • Images
    • Raster Images, manual geolocation: JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP
    • Raster Images, automatic geolocation: JPEG 2000, ECW, MrSID
  • OpenStreetMap
  • GIS Import and export
  • WMS Server Background images can be included in the modeled area through links to a WMS server. These images are linked via the server rather than imported into the Aimsun document.

Imports from Other Transport Software Products

  • CONTRAM: Import from CONTRAM
  • OpenDRIVE: Import from OpenDRIVE data
  • Paramics: Import from S-Paramics or Q-Paramics
  • Road XML: Import from Road XML data
  • SYNCHRO: Import from and export data to SYNCHRO
  • Vissim: Import a network from Vissim
  • Visum: Import a network from Visum
  • Cube: Import from Cube
  • TransCAD: Import from TransCAD

To import data from Cube and TransCAD, you must first export data from these two systems and then use the GIS import processes and demand-data import processes to introduce the data into Aimsun Next.

Imports from Other Data Sources

  • GTFS: Import transit data

3D Models

Export Vehicle Positions for Further Analysis

  • FZP Export 3D position information in FZP format
  • Versit: Export vehicle data in a format used by the Versit emissions model
  • SSAM: Export vehicle position in a format used by the Surrogate Safety Assessment Model


The Script interface can also import external scripts into Aimsun Next.

These importers and exporters are included in all editions of Aimsun Next. The scripts that export vehicle positions are only available for microscopic simulations and the SSAM exporter requires an Aimsun Next API license.