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Data Analysis

This section provides the detail of the simulation analysis.

Time Series

The Time Series Section describes the use of the Time Series tool to plot data (such as speed, flow, density ..) which varies as the simulation runs. Time series displays are found in the properties dialog of many objects, for example, the properties dialog of a detector has a Time Series tab after a simulation has run. Time series displays can also be started from the Data Analysis: Time Series Viewer menu and show data from multiple objects.

Path Analysis Tool

The Path Analysis Tool describes how to review the routing in a model and undertake a link analysis.

Static Shortest Path

The Static Shortest Path Tool shows the shortest path between two centroids.

Data Comparison

The Data Comparison tool compares the results of two experiments, replications or averages and displays the changes on the 2D map view.

Space Time Diagram

The Space Time Diagram plots a changing variable in a 2D plot of space – represented by the position of detectors on the road – and time of the simulation. Space Time plots reveal the location of flow breakdown and how congestion propagates and eventually disperses in the traffic network.


The Isochrones tool.

Environmental Models

The Environmental Models.