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Data Outputs

Aimsun Next provides many statistical measures. All of them are available in the Database and many of them are available through the GUI. These outputs can be classified into two general classes:

Scalars. These are added to sections and are represented by means of an attribute called SI Density or SI Virtual Queue, where SI stands for Simulation Instantaneous. These attributes are used for the view modes, i.e. Density, Virtual Queue, Maximum Virtual Queue...

Time Series. These are added to sections, detectors and nodes and are visualized either in the editor of an object or in a standalone Time series Analysis Window

The output data is described in the following sections:

The Statistical Simulation Outputs Section lists all the vehicle -based simulator outputs available from the Aimsun objects.

The Database Definition Section describes the tables and fields available in the output database.

The Traffic Statistics Calculations Section formally describes how the various measures output by Aimsun Next vehicle-based simulators are derived.