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Aimsun Next 24 Overview

Aimsun Next provides an extensible environment that offers all the tools that an analyst requires to support a transport modeling project, such as: importing and editing a transport network; estimating and refining the transport demand; simulating transport movement in static macroscopic assignments or in dynamic mesoscopic, microscopic or hybrid simulation with route paths derived by simple "All or Nothing" methods to complex Dynamic User Equilibrium algorithms. Aimsun Next also provides outputs ranging from 3D animation to sophisticated transport analysis and contains tools to assist in managing a project with a base model and multiple, multi-faceted option tests. All functions are contained in one application operating on a single project document.

The main body of the Aimsun Next User Manual contains reference materials and theoretical explanations about Aimsun Next's features and uses. If you are not familiar with the Aimsun Next software, we recommend that you better make use of the index in a sequential order, while if you are already familiar with Aimsun Next you can use the search box to look for specific results.

This manual covers all aspects of modeling with Aimsun Next. It contains the following sections which describe:

  • Aimsun Next software - Step-by-step guidelines to install the Aimsun Next software, get familiar with the new features available and instructions to manage the various types of Aimsun Next licenses and privacy issues.
  • Building a Model - An overview with all stages to build an Aimsun Next model from scratch.
  • Running a Simulation - How to manage a transportation model and prepare scenarios/experiments within Aimsun Next to run simulations.
  • Calibration and Validation - How to take appropriate actions based on numerous guidelines to calibrate and validate a model at each step of the project.
  • Analyzing Outputs - Conveying the results of the Aimsun Next model with clarity so that they can be readily understood and interpreted by transport decision makers.
  • Theoretical Background - This section describes the research held in transport modeling, as it is applied within Aimsun Next.
  • External Interfaces - This section describes the associated software interfaces developed within the Aimsun Next environment.
  • Scripting, API, SDK - How to extend Aimsun Next using programming tools.
  • Tutorials - This section covers a set of different subjects with hands-on exercises to help you become familiar with modeling in Aimsun Next.

Also, since software development never stops, we encourage you to frequently check the following sections:

  • Whats new section summarizes the key developments in new releases of the Aimsun Next versions.