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Transport modeling has been studied for many decades and there are numerous academic papers on the theory of traffic flows, on choice models, on vehicle behaviors, and on methodologies link models of transport demand to simulations of transport supply. For more information, access the most important References used to develop the models in Aimsun Next software.

In this section are also described the following topics, as they are applied within Aimsun Next.

  • Calculate Traffic Statistics: This section details the formulas used for the road network objects, the vehicles, and for data collection devices such as journey time monitors and loop detectors.

  • Statistical Methods for Model Validation: This section describes the statistical methods and techniques for validating simulation models and demonstrates adaptation of the general process to the problem of validating a dynamic simulation model.

  • Calculating Aggregate Control Times: This section describes how to use time-aggregated control quantities instead of time-specific ones when control junctions are not explicitly considered, either because it is not possible to evaluate a control junction or because it is not meaningful for the project.

  • Vehicle Based Simulators: This section describes three modes for simulating individual vehicles, the Microscopic Simulator, the Mesoscopic Simulator, and the Hybrid Simulator.

  • Travel Demand Modeling: This section describes the capabilities of Aimsun Next for Travel Demand Modeling based on the Four-step Transport Planning Methodology.