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Path Assignment

A path assignment file (APA) contains the information about the generated paths in a traffic assignment (either dynamic or static). It is stored as a binary file with a format specific to Aimsun Next. The information in a path assignment file can be explored as an output of static assignments (Path Assignment folder) and of dynamic assignments. See also the Path Analysis Tool topic for more information.

A Path Assignment is an object that contains information about the APA file location and the objects that are using it (scenarios can use it as an input, experiments and replications can produce an APA file as an output).

Path Assignment Editing

Use the Project menu or the Demand Data context menu to create a new Path Assignment object. They can also be created from their own folder context menu (Path Assignments).

Path Assignment Dialog

Open the Path Assignment dialog by double-clicking on the Path Assignment object in the Project Window (there is a Path Assignments folder inside the Demand folder) or accessing Properties on its context menu.

Main Folder

Path Assignment editor main

To define a Path Assignment object, select the file location where the path assignment will be stored (Folder) and set the name of the file (File).

When information about the last generation of the file is available, it is shown in the Info box: date, engine, Aimsun version, and the replication or experiment that has generated it.

Usage Folder

Path Assignment editor usage

Usage table lists all the objects that are using the Path Assignment object (as an input or as an output), showing the type of the object and its name.

Path Assignment Plans

Path Assignment objects (items) can be added to Path Assignment Plan objects, singly or in groups. See Path Assignment Plan for more information.