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Road XML Importer

Road XML is an open file format for the logical description of road networks (

Road XML importer allows the user to import Road XML networks (.rnd files). In order to import a Road XML network, go to File, Import menu and select RoadXML Network:

Access to Road XML Importer Dialog

Relation between RoadXML and Aimsun objects

Every RoadXML file contains a set of elements that refer to network objects:

  • Intersection: A Road XML Intersection is imported as an Aimsun node. The link between both objects is made by setting the Node name as the Intersection name. All possible turns are created, except those that are banned on each intersection.

  • Track: A RoadXML track is imported as an Aimsun section, taking into account the track shape. Note that tracks can also be reversed, so in order to link both objects, section names contains the track name and also specify whether it is reversed or not. Tracks can have different profiles that define the width, number of lanes, etc. Section geometry is adapted according to the profile definition. The information about tracks altitude is also imported.