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Project Window

The Project Window organizes the data related to the project in folders and sub-folders grouped by function. The primary headings are:

Duplicating objects

The Project Window allows copies of objects to be created in the folder tree by dragging and dropping an object on its parent folder. For example, dragging "Traffic Condition 2148" over the "Traffic Conditions" folder creates a copy of that traffic condition which can subsequently be edited.

Project Folders Copy

Project Editor

Each folder and sub-folder in the project window has a context menu, selected with a right click.

Adding New Project Objects

The "New" menu is context sensitive and presents options to create new objects in that folder tree. If a new subfolder is required, one is created automatically.

Grouping matrices by vehicle type

Running Scripts

The Scripts option for a subfolder presents a list of scripts attached to it. Typically this is a delete script that calls the object's type specific delete function.

In the Project Window, scripts can also be run from the objects context menu.

Folder Properties

The properties of a folder are the name, the external ID and how the subfolders within it are grouped.

Project Folders Grouping


The OD Matrix folder and the Traffic Demand folder both have an option to compare two objects. If two (and only two) matrices or demands are selected, the right click context menu will contain a Matrix Comparison option which will analyze the differences between the two matrices or demands.