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Mesoscopic Detector emulation

In the mesoscopic simulation all detectors are considered to be at the end of the section. The mesoscopic car-following model is a simplification of the Gipps car following model where the acceleration and deceleration constraints are removed; with this modification the Gipps model is used to calculate the earliest time a vehicle can enter into a section and the earliest time a vehicle can exit the section (TimeExit). This time is calculated using the leading vehicle exit time, the current vehicle entrance time, and the vehicle's physical properties like speed, the section properties like section's length, and finally the delay incurred in section downstream. This time is calculated when the vehicle is the first in the queue to exit the section, and isĀ  used to calculate the presence in the detectors. The time where vehicle starts its presence in the detector is:

  • DetectorStartPresence = TimeExit - DetectorLength / VehicleSpeed

and the time where the vehicle finishes its presence in the detector is:

  • DetectorEndPresence = TimeExit + VehicleLength / VehicleSpeed