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Transport modeling has been studied for many decades and there are numerous academic papers on the theory of traffic flows, on choice models, on vehicle behaviors, and on methodologies link models of transport demand to simulations of transport supply.

This section describes that research, as it is applied within Aimsun Next. There are four main sections and a list of references.

The section on Vehicle based Simulators describes how vehicles are routed in the road network through Dynamic Traffic Assignment then how vehicles are moved in the network in Microsimulation, in Mesoscopic simulation, Hybrid Meso-Micro model and Hybrid Macro-Meso.

The section on Static Traffic Assignment describes the algorithms used by Aimsun Next in static traffic modeling and the section on Travel Demand Modeling describes how this is applied in a four stage transport model linking travel demand models to static and dynamic assignment and managing the flow of data between modeling stages.

Finally, the fourth section details the formulae used to calculate traffic statistics for the road network objects, the vehicles, and for data collection devices such as journey time monitors and loop detectors.