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Aimsun Next microSDK

This section describes the Aimsun Next microSDK.

Note about licenses: This component requires a license for both Aimsun Next and the Aimsun Next microSDK.

Generic Requirements

The aim of using the microSDK is to enable new behavioral models to be used, overwriting the models offered by default in Aimsun Next.

To use the microSDK and build new behavioral models a C++ compiler is required:

- Windows: Visual C++ 2019
- Ubuntu: gcc
- MacOS: Xcode

Five sample projects are provided that can be taken as a start point for a new model.

The microSDK has been designed to achieve the following model Requirements:

- The new behavioral models must be called every simulation step and for each individual vehicle.
- Allow the new behavioral models to add new attributes to the vehicle object to be stored during the simulation.
- The new behavioral models must have access to all the information required to implement the model logic (for instance the current position and speed of the leader, etc).
- The new behavioral model plug-in can be applied globally to the whole network or applied locally to a subset of specific sections or lanes in a section. For instance the behavioral model of a central lane can be completely different to that for an on-ramp or off-ramp lane. Similarly the plug-in can be used to implement a subset of behavioral models overwriting only the models defined by the user leaving the default models implemented in Aimsun Next in use for the other behaviors.

The new behavioral models can be loaded on simulation start-up using a dynamic library (or equivalent).