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Helper Applications

Aimsun Next includes a number of "Helper" applications to assist with transport modeling tasks

  • APA Fixer: The APA Fixer takes a paths file from one version of a network and "fixes" it so it can be used in a modified version of the network. This bypasses the restriction that paths can only be specific to one version of the network topology.
  • Control Plan Generator: The Control Plan Generator can create a control plan for a junction with signal timings appropriate for the observed turn times and traffic volumes.
  • Detector Location: The Detector Location tool is used to advise on the best location to site roadside detectors to get the maximum coverage of trips in the network and hence optimize data collection.
  • Detection Patterns: Detection Patterns are used to provide a fixed set of data at detection loops. They are used in developing signal control algorithms using reproducible data to provide consistent inputs to the algorithm in development (i.e independent of the current simulation).