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A Template is a pro-forma for a project. It is a normal Aimsun document and, hence can contain any kind of objects, but usually it will be used to:

  • Set the units type (Metric or English systems) and the driving side.
  • Hold objects which define :
    • Vehicle types and classes.
    • Lane types.
    • Drawing Styles and Modes.

A template is selected as a project is created.

Selecting a Template

A template file should not be used to hold project specific objects such as a particular area or a centroid configuration. The Model Management tools provide a means of managing a base model and its variants. A template file is designed to provide consistency between models from one organization, or if the template is sourced from a client, consistency between models created for that client by different organizations.

To create a new template; create a new project, add the objects for the template, change the required preferences settings and save it in the templates folder Program Files/Aimsun/Aimsun Next X.X/templates. It will then appear in the list of Templates next time a project is created. If an external template has been provided, for example, by a client organization, copy it into the same folder to make it available.