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Transit Segments Table

This table contains information about the Transit functions selected for each segment from transit stop to stop. This information can also be edited at the Transit Line level on the Costs tab. The Transit Segments table is designed to ease editing of multiple lines with common factors. The Transit Segments table is listed in the Windows Menu

Transit Segments Menu

From here, all Transit Delay functions and Transit Distance Fare functions can be listed and set for all segments or for the filtered ones.

The first row of the table contains filters: Double clicking on the cell in the top row brings up a list of Transit Line, by Origin and/or Destination Stop, Section, Delay function and Distance Fare function, according to the column selected.

The last row of the table is a Summary View, equivalent to the one in the Table View, where a value is shown if and only if the column has the same value over all the visible rows.

To use the table, for example, if Line 1 was selected by double clicking the top row: Transit Lines Column, the Delay Function could be set just for that line using the last row to select a function for all currently visible table rows.

Transit Segments Table