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OD Routes

An OD route contains all the sections which define a path between an origin centroid and a destination centroid.

Use the context menu of a Centroid Configuration to create a new OD Route. Then, a new empty OD route will be added to the OD Routes folder inside the centroid configuration.

OD Routes are used in the OD matrices, where the percentage of use of each of them can be defined. Refer to the Path Assignment section for details.

OD Routes are also listed in their origin and destination centroid editors. Refer to the Centroid Editing section for details.

OD Route Editor

The OD Route editor can be opened by double-clicking on the OD route in the Project Window (OD Routes folder) or accessing to the Properties in its context menu.

The OD Route editor is used either to set the sections that will define the OD route, to modify the OD route, or simply display the OD route.

OD Route Editor

Once the editor is open, an OD route is defined by clicking on the active 2D view the sections (in order) that will form the path. Intermediate sections can be omitted as long as there is a unique path from the last specified section to the next one.

The sections belonging to the OD route when the OD route editor is opened are drawn in the primary mark color in the active 2D view.

The Auto Pan will pan the view to the selected objects if active.