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Path Assignment Plan

A path assignment plan is a collection of path assignments and time intervals. Assembling a set of path assignments into a single path assignment plan eases the task of choosing which path assignment should be used for which time period as an input to a dynamic scenario or static scenario.

Path Assignment Plan Editing

Use the Project menu or the Demand Data context menu to create a new Path Assignment Plan. They can also be created from their own folder context menu (Path Assignment Plans).

Path Assignment Plan Dialog

Open the Path Assignment Plan dialog by double-clicking on the Path Assignment Plan object in the Project window or accessing Properties in the path assignment plan's context menu.

Main Folder

Similarly to editing a traffic demand, editing a path assignment plan consists of setting the Initial Time and Duration for which the plan will apply, and adding the Path Assignment Items to cover the time intervals. Static and dynamic path assignments can be used.

Path Assignment editor main

When adding a Path Assignment Item, its number of intervals will be maintained but the interval for which it applies can be manually stretched or expanded, along with its interval lengths.

The dynamic scenario using a path assignment plan as input will, at each route choice interval, look for the corresponding time in the path assignment plan to pick up the corresponding path assignment results at that time. Therefore, intervals from the path assignment plan might be skipped if its intervals and the scenario route choice calculation intervals do not match.

The path assignment plan has to cover fully the traffic demand time if this plan wants to be used in the scenario. Empty slots are not allowed.

Path Assignment Plans and DUE Experiments

From version Aimsun Next 22 onwards, DUE experiments will accept path assignment plans that contain more than one path assignment item. Previously they only accepted a single path assignment as an input.

To use a plan containing multiple macro assignments, first run several assignments (e.g. for AM, interpeak, and PM) and join the resulting APAs in a path-assignment plan. This plan can then be used with the DUE experiment to warm up a simulation that runs from AM to PM.