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SCANeR Connector

Aimsun Next can connect with SCANeRTM studio ( to execute microscopic simulations where vehicles are controlled by Aimsun Next except in the designated areas where SCANeR will be in charge of updating the vehicles positions, speeds, and behaviors. The area of exchange of information is defined in SCANeRTM studio by two concentric circles, one (inner circle) in which SCANeRTM studio controls the vehicles and another (outer circle). Aimsun Next will send information from all vehicles that enter the annulus between both circles. Both software programs need to be running simultaneously in order to communicate.

The steps to allow Aimsun Next and SCANeRTM studio communicate are:

SCANeR Extension Activation

  • Double click on the SCANeR Extension to access its parameters:

    • Synchronous Communication defines whether to wait for info from SCANeRTM studio before sending more data.
    • Communications Timeout (s) specifies for how long should Aimsun Next wait for the connection with SCANeRTM studio.
    • Message Timeout (s) specifies how long Protocol Buffer Interface will wait for a response. After this timeout the communication will be closed.
    • Vehicle Type will filter the communication between software programs for a specific Vehicle Type. Default is None.
    • Server Port must be the same as in the SCANeRTM studio Scenario Simulation Parameters for Traffic.

SCANeR Extension Settings

  • In the SCANeRTM studio, Scenario, Simulation Parameters for Traffic, the host needs to be the IP of the server where Aimsun Next is being run.

SCANeR Settings

  • In the SCANeRTM studio, add a TrafficZone object in to the scenario, from TrafficTools.

SCANeR Settings

  • Then in the simulation mode of SCANeRTM studio, activate Traffic and OfflineScheduler (if Synchronous Communication is activated in Aimsun Next) processes by double clicking on each one.

SCANeR Settings

  • Finally, in order to simulate, in the simulation mode of SCANeRTM studio, click on Play Scenario and immediately click on Run Animated Simulation in the context menu of the Aimsun Next Replication of the Micro Experiment which you want to synchronize with.