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Network Variants

An Aimsun document holds a base network for a transport model which describes the traffic network, a set of traffic demand options, transit options, control options, and a set of differences that can be applied to the base network.

When an experiment or a replication is run, the transport model used in that experiment is created for that run from the options specified in the scenario or experiment eliminating the need to manually create the model, and reducing the errors inherent in creating variants of the network.

The modifications which can be made to the network are:

  • Attribute Overrides: to override the value of any attribute (max speed for example) for any object when used in a particular experiment.
  • Geometry Configurations: to have more than one traffic network variant (with common areas) activated by experiment.

The options for demand, transit, and control are:

  • Traffic Demands: These are documented in the Traffic Demand Section and provide for multiple traffic demand objects.
  • Centroid Configurations: These are documented in the Centroid Configuration Sectionand provide for different zoning configurations.
  • Master Control Plans: Which are documented in the Master Control Plan Section and provide the option to include different signal control in each scenario.
  • Transit Plans: Documented in the Transit Plan Section This provides the option to include a set of different transit line routes and schedules in each scenario.